Stars Who Lost Large Bets

Top 5 Famous Stars Who Lost Large Bets

No doubt, sports betting is quite recreational, exciting, and lucrative. Addiction to it can otherwise result in depression or loss of hard-earned money. And just like tossing a coin, sports betting can come in the form of loss or gain to the player. The creation of online sports betting makes it flexible for gamblers to place their bets. NaijaBet is one of the online betting spots.

Floyd Mayweather

You remember Floyd Mayweather Jr., the former American professional boxer? Yes, the Michigan-born Floyd Joy Sinclair. Floyd is one of the greatest athletes and sports bettors who go about his bet winnings on social media. He’s been tagged ‘Money’ and ‘Legend’ in the "world of betting. Even though he has lots of success stories in sports betting, Floyd also has failed attempts in gambling, with the most popular being his bet over a decade ago.

In 2013, Floyd staked a whopping USD13 million on Denver Broncos to win Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, the table turned and the Denver-based football franchise lost to their opponents in what was a shock win for the Seattle-based team. Although Floyd denied having ever made such a bet, facts showed that the then 31-year-old actually took the risk.

Phil Ivey

Phil needs no introduction. The American professional poker player is no stranger when it comes to a large bet. He’s an extensive gallery of successes at betting and how to play NaijaBet, including being a 10-time winner of the World Series of Poker. He also has a World Poker Tour title and with 9 appearances at the World Poker Tour final tables.

In 2010, California-born Phil placed a $1 million vegetarian prop bet with Tom Dawn. As the terms of the bet, Phil had said he wouldn’t eat any moving thing for a year. However, the “Tiger Woods of Poker” lost the wager after going back on his words, causing him to lose such a hefty sum to a fellow poker player.

Baby and Birdman

American art’s records will be incomplete without a name as Bryan Christopher Williams, professionally known as Birdman. Having caught his teeth in music, Birdman made no secret about his foray in sports betting. And in 2011, the then 42-year-old Louisiana-born rapper and record executive staked 2 million dollars with Curtis James Jackson, popularly known as 50 Cent by his stage name. Birdman has staked on New England Patriots to win New York Giants in the Super Bowl.

While the game started off well in his favor, with the Patriots having a clear coast, Birdman added extra 5 million dollars in bet. Unfortunately, things turned sour with the Giants eventually winning. At the time, the bet was a huge loss to Birdman.

Michael Jordan

Michael, or simply MJ, is popularly known for his gambling antics. Rumours had it that his early retirement from NBA was as a result of gambling addiction. The world-renowned former professional basketball player placed a $1.2 million bet with a businessman with whom he played golf. The price for each round was stacked at $300,000. However, Michal lost several rounds, thus losing hefty money amounting to 1.2 million dollars.

David Milch

Milch is a famous producer who has an obsession with gambling. He lost $25 million while playing in casinos. It almost cost him his career and marriage, because his wife could not put up with the intense addiction to gambling.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the loss taken in sports betting, celebrities, athletes, and superstars still participate in the activity. Risk-taking is part of sports generally as it is with gambling. Love and passion also inform the personal attachment shown by different bettors and gamblers. You’ll find a lot of stories out there of many footballers who never bounced back after losing huge bets.

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